Collaborative Meetup and Building a TOR Hidden Server – Coming Soon

In the spirit of Beirut Open Source Society’s mission, the following two events will be taking place this month:

The first event will be a discussion in collaboration with the Nerd Fun Lebanon meetup group regarding:

  • Establishing an IT oriented NGO connecting us with others internationally.
  • Installing and maintaining GNU/Linux installations in local public libraries and community centers.
  • Supporting the underprivileged youth in Lebanon in their quest to learn how to code.
  • Lots of other fun stuff…

Join us at Dawawine in Gemmeyze on Fri 10th November at 8:30pm for this great opportunity to network and gain experience.

The second is a one-hour practical workshop titled How To Build a Secure and Anonymous Server in the DarkWeb showing you live the steps to take to build it. This server:

  • Is location-hidden
  • Can work with either a dynamic or fixed IP
  • Is secure
  • Is anonymous
  • Is also entirely free!

Meet us at T-Marbouta in Hamra Square, Hamra, at 7:30pm on Fri 17th of November for this unique session. We’ll be in the library / meeting room upstairs.