Get Linux Installed on Your Computer

Tux mascot assuring you that Linux is installed ;-)

Unleash your computer’s full potential with the more secure and advanced alternative!!

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Bring any computer and have any distribution of Linux installed on it.

Even Arch or Gentoo, you name it.. we’ll install it.

We could even install Linux alongside your current OS or in a virtual machine if you want to try it out without it affecting your current OS.

Time: 8:00pm

Date: Thur 18th May, 2017.

Place: T-Marbouta (upstairs)

Area: Hamra

You can choose your Linux distro here.

Either download and get with you the ISO file of the Linux distribution you want us to install or let us know beforehand, while registering, which one you would like us to download for you and we’ll install it at the meetup.

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Contact us if you have any questions. page: here

Beirut Open Source Society’s first meetup!

The Beirut Open Source Society’s first meetup blessed by Lea, Ghassan, Mohamad and Bashir.

It was Friday the 13th on a dark and wintry January night when the inaugural meetup of Beirut’s Open Source Society took place. Four intrepid pioneers walked between rain drops and dodged the odd flash of lighting or two to talk about their experiences with Linux, why they love it so much, and what they hope to give and get out of the Beirut Open Source Society.. apart from obviously drinks 🙂

We can be reached so far at:

Looking forward to meeting the other Linux and Open Source users in Lebanon.. either through the above listed means or in future meetups (to be announced). There’s much to do..