Blockchain Technology Talk with David Achkar

Exploring the Future of the Blockchain

Soon after the creation of the open source blockchain technology, Bitcoin, it established itself as the standard for electronic payments on the Internet. With Bitcoin’s growing popularity, a defined set of people seemed to be carving out a specialized niche in the world of finance. Bitcoins defined a new way of doing things financially. The currently known way is manifested by the centralized control of the creation of currency. Bitcoins are characterized as an electronically distributed creator of another.

Differences between centralized, decentralized and the distributed blockchain technology

The look and feel of the centralized control of the creation of currency is known to us. It is the cash we carry in our pockets, the cash that we exchange for goods or services when we make our purchases. It is common and generally known to all.

The look and feel of a distributed creator of currency on the other hand is unknown to virtually all of us and at best we can visualize it as data passing through cables, something that couldn’t have existed without the creation of modern and advancing technology.

Yet the communities of developers who created Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a deeper understanding of the blockchain. As a member of that community who took part in an entrepreneurial role, David Achkar, is also an advocate for Bitcoins in the Middle East.

The Meetup

Join us on Thur 23rd March at 7:30pm at Bedivere in Hamra for a casual get-together with David over drinks and get the chance to pick his and each others’ brains concerning the most fascinating event in the fields of money, finance and new technology.

Meetup page:

Collaborative Meetup and Building a TOR Hidden Server – Coming Soon

In the spirit of Beirut Open Source Society’s mission, the following two events will be taking place this month:

The first event will be a discussion in collaboration with the Nerd Fun Lebanon meetup group regarding:

  • Establishing an IT oriented NGO connecting us with others internationally.
  • Installing and maintaining GNU/Linux installations in local public libraries and community centers.
  • Supporting the underprivileged youth in Lebanon in their quest to learn how to code.
  • Lots of other fun stuff…

Join us at Dawawine in Gemmeyze on Fri 10th November at 8:30pm for this great opportunity to network and gain experience.

The second is a one-hour practical workshop titled How To Build a Secure and Anonymous Server in the DarkWeb showing you live the steps to take to build it. This server:

  • Is location-hidden
  • Can work with either a dynamic or fixed IP
  • Is secure
  • Is anonymous
  • Is also entirely free!

Meet us at T-Marbouta in Hamra Square, Hamra, at 7:30pm on Fri 17th of November for this unique session. We’ll be in the library / meeting room upstairs.