Fun with Kali Linux Bi-Weekly Workshops

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Hosted by Kali Linux expert, Abed Samhuri, these meetups will be the ideal meetup for open source enthusiasts, penetration testers, and Linux lovers.

In each session, we will pick one open-source tool used in Kali Linux for penetration testing and we will discuss its usage, inner tricks, and hacks. The atmosphere is going to be casual and we will have a mixture of fun and education. It’s recommended that you bring your laptop with you, but it is not essential.

Some of the tools from Kali Linux that we’ll be discussing are:

  • nmap
  • netcat
  • tcpdump
  • openvas
  • metasploit
  • recon-ng
  • aircrack-ng
  • john
  • and many others…

Check out our event page to check timing.

We’ll be training in:

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DarkWeb Server Workshop and Guided Tour

How to build a darkweb server post-workshop group pic
Post-workshop group pic at T-Marbouta

Despite some skepticism that the DarkWeb server would actually work, the hidden service that was created in a virtual machine on a laptop was successfully accessed by a phone with a TOR browser.

The demonstration was followed by a guided tour of some of the hidden services currently on the DarkWeb, including the varied nefarious content found in them.

For complete info with details on how to build your own hidden service, go here.

The link to the presentation is here.