“Open” the Open Source Presentation Resource

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A new github repo was created with the aim of distributing “Open”, an open source project for presenters who want to promote and evangelise the open source way of working.

Open is an Open Docucument format .odp presentation which explains how open source licensing is not only better for you than traditional closed source licensing, but also how it is more beneficial to the global community.

The use and development of the Open presentation is free and open to all (pun intended).

Your Personality According to your Version of Debian

Personality tests have been a fun-loving rage for ages with personality evaluations for every conceivable situation. It seems every now and then a new one pops up which looks at personality from a new angle. I present to you some satisfaction for your geeky egos by presenting to you your personality according to the version of Debian you run.


You are a conservative, or at least you prefer to be conservative in the things you do. You have developed a keen sense in the procedures you take to govern your life in a way that mistakes, or even future mistakes that could potentially happen, are kept to a strict minimum. Your clothes are not the latest in fashion, but who cares, right? You’re known for what you do, and you are the best at what you do. So much so that you are the beacon of light that everyone comes to when they need a little help setting themselves up for new endeavors. You’re not cocky about your skills and people respect you for that. You execute your job as quickly as possible and in as little fuss as possible. In the end, you’re someone everyone can depend on. You have muscly friends around you that protect you in case you’re in trouble since you’ve been such a solid friend.


You’re a little unsure of yourself. It’s not so much that you haven’t been exposed to real life so much as it is that you like to see the whole world through the lens of a growing child, always wondering and questioning new experiences. You are the epitome of the eternal student. You find that when you regularly question, even the unquestionable, you discover unexpected answers, or even better, you discover newer and better questions. How far this mode of life will lead you is anybody’s guess, but the answer lies with you. You just need a little time to make the pieces of the puzzle of life fall into place so you can start to see a clear picture.


You are a restless animal. You just can never get enough. You know the story of how extreme sportspeople need extreme experiences in order to feel the same level of adrenaline as a regular person would when, say, crossing the street? Well that’s you. You want to be as close to creative people as you can be. You want to reach out and touch the artists, entertainers, architects and engineers that make your life happy. You’re always wearing the latest clothes and hottest fashion. Unfortunately due to your turbulent lifestyle you might lose your hat somewhere or rip a t-shirt. But that never worries you. You know how to fix your clothes. And besides, who doesn’t like a pair of nicely ripped jeans?

Testathon in Collaboration with Facebook

testathon logo

Testathon will take place on Oct 1st!

The first ever testathon in Beirut is taking place on Oct 1st. It will be lead by a team from Facebook who will fly in from the United States for the event. According to material found online about previous testathons held globally, they seem to be super fun events!!

Not only do you get to test new releases with like minded people, but there are even prizes to be won for the best testers 🙂

If you have what it takes to find the most hidden and unexpected of bugs then head over to the application form and fill it out to become a bug tester on Oct 1st. It’s totally free to participate.


Testathon sponsors and partners

Fun with Kali Linux Bi-Weekly Workshops

Kali Linux Logo

Hosted by Kali Linux expert, Abed Samhuri, these meetups will be the ideal meetup for open source enthusiasts, penetration testers, and Linux lovers.

In each session, we will pick one open-source tool used in Kali Linux for penetration testing and we will discuss its usage, inner tricks, and hacks. The atmosphere is going to be casual and we will have a mixture of fun and education. It’s recommended that you bring your laptop with you, but it is not essential.

Some of the tools from Kali Linux that we’ll be discussing are:

  • nmap
  • netcat
  • tcpdump
  • openvas
  • metasploit
  • recon-ng
  • aircrack-ng
  • john
  • and many others…

Check out our meetup.com event page to check timing.

We’ll be training in:

Forward LB logo

Participate in the do_action hackathon

do_action logo

Volunteers are needed to participate in a hackathon organised by do_action, an affiliate of the WordPress Foundation. The hackathon will take place around the beginning of July to produce quality WordPress sites for Lebanese charities and NGOs that need it.

Positions are open for developers, content providers, testers, designers, social media managers and project managers. If you love networking and maybe pick up new skills as you help others while donating your time then this is an excellent opportunity.

Go ahead and sign up on their page, choose an NGO to work with and pick a role to fulfill during the hackathon.

See you there.

Are you the victim of a ransomware attack?

Are you the victim of a ransomware attack? Have you made backups or enabled restore-points?

If so then get in touch ASAP, we will remove the infection from your computer or server and restore your data for free.

In light of the increasing popularity of ransomware as a tool for online criminals to extort money, we are available to quickly and confidentially remove the infection for you.

I know that the vast majority of ransomware affects Windows PCs and that our focus for offering support is for Open Source Software, yet this is our way of striking back against criminal hackers and at the same time promoting Open Source Software as being a much more advanced and secure alternative.

Get Linux Installed on Your Computer

Tux mascot assuring you that Linux is installed ;-)

Unleash your computer’s full potential with the more secure and advanced alternative!!

Click here to register.

Bring any computer and have any distribution of Linux installed on it.

Even Arch or Gentoo, you name it.. we’ll install it.

We could even install Linux alongside your current OS or in a virtual machine if you want to try it out without it affecting your current OS.

Time: 8:00pm

Date: Thur 18th May, 2017.

Place: T-Marbouta (upstairs)

Area: Hamra

You can choose your Linux distro here.

Either download and get with you the ISO file of the Linux distribution you want us to install or let us know beforehand, while registering, which one you would like us to download for you and we’ll install it at the meetup.

Click here to register.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Meetup.com page: here

“Revolution OS” the Story of Open Source Software

Revolution OS
“If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I’ve won.” -Linus Torvalds

Revolution OS” is the documentary film about how, what is now known as the Open Source Software (OSS) movement, was started in the 80s by Richard Stallman. OSS grew so large that it not only challenged proprietary software, but by far surpassed it to become the dominant force in Operating System development today.

See how development of the GNU operating system and the Linux kernel is largely contributing to the spread of the most robust and free operating systems currently available, as well as of the spread of the internet as we know it today.

This movie is a geek’s delight! So if you love computers in any way, be sure not to miss this documentary about open source software’s creation and on-going growth throughout its history.

The film will screen at 8:30pm on Fri 21st of April in T-Marbouta’s Library upstairs.

Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/Beirut-Open-Source-Society/events/239006106/